The Truth About Veganism

Nick Pecoraro - 12.27.2018

I tried to diversify my portfolio by mixing in some more casual posts to humanize myself, and I lost a bunch of followers. 😂 I suppose there isn’t a perfect balance between yelling too much and not yelling enough. I still want humankind to refuse the anthropocentric worldview that the planet is here for our use and disposal.

I say these things being a part of the problem myself. I use too much plastic. I still use some products likely tested on animals because I was given them. I once thought that was the lesser of two evils. That factory farming, based on sheer numbers, is a much worse problem. But we know that’s not how it works. If you are the individual who is suffering, it doesn’t matter whether or not there is one or 55 billion other individuals suffering with you when your suffering is isolated and endless until death bid you peace. Funny that when I began typing this post, I didn’t expect it to be calling myself out 😂 I really did used to think animal testing was a different beast to tackle (hello speciesist language).

But then my friend @ethically_elizabeth mentioned cruelty-free shopping to me, and I couldn’t shake it; Was I a hypocrite? I thought veganism was a diet when I first went vegan in 2011. Then it began to shift to an ideology in late 2016. Now, I am beginning to realize it IS those things, but even more so than that it is a daily practice.

You are never vegan”, you won’t achieve a magical vegan status and then have no more work to do. If we approach veganism from the lens of reducing suffering in the world by abstaining from animal products as much as is practicable or possible”, it really is a journey with no end in sight. But rather than intimidate or frighten people, that should excite us. We are challenging dangerous mentalities that humans have perpetuated and perpetrated as long as we know.

We have a chance to rebuild our relationship to the planet. THAT, friends, is thrilling. Consider this post my renewed commitment to the daily practice of veganism, deepening my exploration of exploitation and abuse in our world, and ditching all products tested on animals in 2019. What bs can you call yourself on? 🤷🏼‍♂️