This Skull is a Reminder

Nick Pecoraro - 12.17.2018

While clearing land for the sanctuary, we came across the bottom half of a boar’s jaw. Later on, we found the top half. Obviously, animals die in the wild of old age just as humans do, so finding the skull wouldn’t have been a huge deal if there wasn’t a pack of hunting dogs who live nearby. (I should note that we’re taking all safety precautions necessary to ensure Haku’s safety from these poor dogs, who are kept in dirty, rusty cages most of the day until they’re let out and forced to hunt, even if that’s not what they want to be doing in their little free time.)

This skull is a reminder that every time we eat meat or dairy or eggs, someone suffered for that meal, which to most of us has become mindless consumerism and consumption. Every time we eat meat, we add a skeleton to the pile in our closets. These animals are just as smart as the dogs we protect, respect, and love. I am not asking you to go out and befriend every animal you meet, I’m asking you to meet your meat. Look into the empty eye sockets of the skull of the animals who died for your fast food.

I claim to know very little of this harsh, incredible, mysterious world. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that animals are not ours. They are not here for us to use, and they are most definitely not here for us to abuse. We are very, very wrong in our actions.

We will be giving this deceased boar a name and proper burial. Excuse the somber tone of this post; it’s bright and beautiful as always here in Hawaii. I’d just like to encourage people to explore the concept of dignity restoration to the animals we’ve condemned for little reason but culture.

Dignity. How can we best honor the dignity of the slain and those who still suffer?