Nick Pecoraro - 02.21.2019

My apologies to the dude who pointed at the trash can this morning when I tossed my banana peel onto a patch of grass. Did you just point to the trash can?” I asked him across the small crowd waiting for the bus. He nodded. It’s a biodegradable banana peel,” I said, restrained (and yes, I made sure there wasn’t a sticker on it before tossing it onto the soil). It’s good he spoke up. Release the ego. I suppose if everyone threw their banana peels on grass there may be a problem, but then, people would have to eat enough fruit for that to actually be an issue. 😉

I was told recently by multiple friends that sometimes people don’t want to be around Nick the animal rights activist.” It saddens me to hear that from independent sources. Swipe right for a picture of Nick the actor from 5 years ago (thanks for the memories, Facebook). That was before I was an activist. And 5 years before that, I was 17 and likely had a flank steak for my birthday dinner, my favorite.

I post about animal suffering a lot because it’s a vastly under-discussed topic, and animals are the only marginalized group” who really cannot advocate for themselves. This, of course, puts animal activists in a precarious position: making sure we represent them properly, accurately, altruistically. Effectively.

I also speak a lot about animal suffering because we’re surrounded by it. These issues (and more) exist, are valid, and OF COURSE deserve to be discussed/explored/transformed:

But justice isn’t linear, and oppression is oppression. Alas, this post isn’t about those topics.

It’s about being unpopular. It’s about saying the unpopular thing. It’s about what kind of society we want to be. It’s about facing our cultural ethics. It’s about progress.

Everyday, we’re surrounded by the bodies of dead, baby animals, who most likely suffered a pitiful, truncated existence, and most likely died terrified and alone.

Do you see why I talk about it? I am not a vegan missionary. I’m a concerned citizen of our planet. We must confront injustice wherever and whenever we see it. Even within ourselves.