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We are sold the story of the small, idyllic, and happy animal farm. We are told that animals endure horrible and unsanitary conditions in Chinese wet markets, in isolated incidents on big factory farms, in places far removed from us, etc. The truth is that devastating conditions for animals can and do occur on farms of all types - from small local farms right here on O’ahu to the corporate factory farms holding millions of animals. The Sanctuary team has seen the devastation and misery animals endure firsthand here in Hawai’i. When animals are viewed as objects for profit, they are treated like products and not the sentient beings that they are. It often doesn’t make sense economically for farmers to give proper food (many pigs farmed in Hawai’i are fed only waste, including scraps of other dead pigs), provide veterinary care, or even clean feces from their enclosures.

This is the story of the intense and emotional rescue of Lucky and the Triplets in November 2019 from a farm on O’ahu that could easily be marketed and labeled as small”, local”, organic” and family-run.” These labels mean nothing to the animals. Lucky and the triplets’ lives were saved due to the efforts of Aloha Animal Sanctuary and Big Island Farm Sanctuary. Aloha Animal Sanctuary conducted the initial rescue and medical treatment, and then the pigs flew (yes pigs can fly!) to live their full lives at The Big Island Farm Sanctuary.

This story is now more important to share than ever. It has never been more apparent that when we harm and exploit animals, we end up harming ourselves. The CDC has warned that 3 out of 4 new or emerging infectious diseases in people come from animals. The Spanish Flu (believed to be originated from a Kansas Chicken Farm), Swine Flu (North American Pig farms), Ebola (eating bats), and BSE also known as Mad Cow Disease” (caused by cattle farms in the UK feeding dead cows to other cows), are all examples of diseases originating from animal exploitation. Cramped and unsanitary conditions on farms, farms’ use of antibiotics, and the world’s demand for animal products have amplified the risk of severe pandemics. It is not a question of if, but when the next pandemic will occur that originates from animal farming.

For the animals, for the environment, and for the future and health of humanity, it is a great time to start making more plant-based choices and going vegan. Message us if you need resources or support!

Thank you to Taryn Bond and Stacey Odquier for filming and directing this powerful film. They did an incredible job. If you have any videography needs we highly recommend them. Thank you to Devyn Fields for making some final edits. Thank you for watching and sharing.